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Jorge Augusto Noreña

(Pereira, Colombia, 1991) Architect, artist, and educator. Born into a family context with self-construction traditions, he brings this inherited practice into his professional work. His recent projects are located in the context of Latin American popular culture, reflecting on geographical limitations by reviewing the thickness of boundaries and establishing a close relationship between materiality, geography, the body, and landscape. His work unfolds in architectural production along with Latin American studies, where he explores new strategies of social aggregation and puts traditional construction systems into practice. As part of the architectural collective Ruta 4 taller, he understands architecture as part of a process of self-management and territorial participation, employing self-construction strategies to give the practice a political role that fosters reflections on the ways of inhabiting the contemporary world. His artistic production is channeled through the poetic gaze of geographies using drawing, engraving, photography, video, and the body as mediums. His work evidences the stories and marks on the land from the places he has inhabited.