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Nayari Castillo Méndez

(Caracas, Venezuela, 1977) Independent artist, researcher, and curator. She has participated as an artist, curator, and director of personal artistic projects, academic experiments, and large-scale transnational research. She has experience in project management at Austrian level (BKA, Styria Region, City of Graz) and at an international scope (European Union projects: Horizont 2020, Erasmus+, Creative Europe and others). She was a teacher in the Adriart project (EU) and coordinator for Austria of the MAST project (EU). She also worked as an artistic researcher in the Iterations project (EU). Her main interest is focused on public facilities with an emphasis on social projects, on how facilities affect perception through interventions that alter the dynamics of a given place. Her areas of expertise are space experiments and participation. She currently develops various independent projects and works as a professor at the Technical University of Graz (Faculty of Architecture) and at the Pedagogical University of Graz (Faculty of Art), as well as in several social organizations as a project manager.