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Ana Marcela França

(Río de Janeiro, Brasil, 1979) Researcher. She was a post-doctoral fellow of CONICET (Argentina)/CEAR - Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (2018-2021). She holds a PhD from the Institute of History at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (IH-UFRJ - 2015), with an emphasis on Environmental History and Art History. She has a master's degree in Social History of Culture from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (2009) and a specialization in the History of Art and Architecture of Brazil (2005) from the same university. She is co-editor of the Online Environmental History Library (BOHA) and a member of the Committee of the Latin America and Caribbean Society of Environmental History (SOLCHA). She is currently a researcher at the Center for Rural Argentina Studies (CEAR) of the National University of Quilmes, Argentina, and at the Center for Sustainable Development (CDS) of the University of Brasilia, Brazil. She has experience in the field of History, working mainly on the following topics: environmental history, history of art, heritage, and landscape.