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Kidauane Regina Alves

(São Vicente, SP, Brasil, 1995) Artist and researcher. She has a degree in Social Service from the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp) and a master’s in Health Sciences from PPGICS at Unifesp. Kidauane’s artistic and research practices focus on health, with the body and territory as her main research themes, with an emphasis on socio-environmental vulnerability and women's health. She worked as a dance artist with the Meander International Platform (Norway), an international network of artists dedicated to discussing art and the climate crisis. She worked as a social educator in socio-educational actions on social participation with children, teenagers, and adult women at the Instituto Camará Calunga de São Vicente-SP. She also serves as a social worker to guarantee the rights of vulnerable populations and in socio-educational actions on public policies on violence against women in the community of Paraisópolis-SP, through the Einstein Program in Paraisópolis Community. She is a performer linked to the Interdisciplinary Dance Center of the Body and Art Laboratory (Unifesp). Kidauane participates as an activist in Mbyareko, an Indigenous collective from Baixada Santista, where she produces community actions along with the Guarani Mbya people toward territorial recovery in the cities of São Vicente, Praia Grande, and Itanhaém.