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Andrei Fernández

(Cutral-Có, Argentina, 1983) Independent curator and intercultural manager. Based in the city of Salta, she works in and from the north of Argentina, in projects that combine ethnographic research methods, social economy and contemporary art, proposing collaborations between artists, activists and researchers from different territories. She has a degree in Fine Arts (UNT) and a diploma in Social and Political Anthropology (FLACSO). Andrei Fernández has worked as a curator in independent spaces, museums and art galleries in different parts of Argentina, Paraguay, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Portugal. She coordinates the knowledge exchange project Textiles as Seeds in collaboration with the 99 Questions program of the Humboldt Forum in Berlin. In 2023, she completed a residency at Delfina Foundation, London, with the support of the Argentine Embassy in the UK and the Anglo-Argentine Society. She works as a curator in the studio of artist Gabriel Chaile.