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Valentina Soares

(São Paulo, Brazil) Architect and costume designer trained in fashion at Studio Berçot (Paris, France, 2009 - 2011). She explores clothing in its creative, plastic, relational, and installative dimensions, extrapolating its most common use as clothing, emphasizing the conventional dimensions and understandings of habit, dressing, covering and uncovering, crossing, communicating, playing, ritualizing, etc. In this sense, she understands clothing as garment-activation for an experience-action. Between 2012 and 2014, she created Fardaria, a clothing brand that explored the concept of uniform and module, proposing variations on the same piece and different ways of wearing it. In 2014, she created Mescla to house an expanded field of clothing. Within this context, she has also developed her work in the creation of costumes for theater, dance, performance, plastic arts, and carnival allegories. Together with friends and collaborators, she co-created the carnival blocks Vingança de Carnaval (SP, 2020), Spectra Aliento - maniFESTAção (45th Salón Nacional de Artes - Bogotá, Colombia, 2019), Ostro NYX (SP, 2019), Fiesta del Ciere - La Quiceañera (Taller Siete, Medellín, Colombia, 2018), Bliiss (SP, 2017), Gran Coqueluche (SP, 2016), Rufos Y Bufos (SP, 2015), and Lambuza Lambida (SP, 2014).