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Aldones Nino

(São Paulo, Brazil, 1990) Deputy Curator of Collegium (Arévalo, Spain) and education and training advisor at the Inclusartiz Institute (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). PhD student in History and Art at the University of Granada (Spain) in co-supervision with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He has a master's degree in History, Politics and Cultural Assets (2018) from the Center for Research and Documentation of Contemporary History of Brazil of the Fundação Getúlio Vargas - FGV. He has a degree in Philosophy (2013) and Art History (2019). He develops research regarding works that resignify specific moments of hegemonic narratives, fostering political imagination and the elaboration of criticisms of our present, based on the tension of porosities between forms of life, curatorial, and artistic creations. He has been published in national and international books and periodicals (Portugal, Spain, and USA) and some of his works are in public collections such as the Cultural Foundation of the State of Pará and the Museum of the Chamber of Deputies (DF). He currently develops curatorial projects in Brazil, Spain and Portugal.