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Elina Rodríguez

(La Plata, Argentina, 1978) Artist, researcher and educator. Her work integrates research, performance, teaching, and curatorial processes. She has participated in different artistic projects in Argentina, Spain, Chile, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Australia, Uruguay, and Norway. Elina studied Choreographic Composition at the National University of the Arts, Argentina. She has received grants, scholarships, and residencies both national and international. In 2022, she received a grant from Iberescena to carry out a research residency for the 3rd stage of the project "Territorio Mutado," in the basin of the Ter River, in Spain. She works in the field of the expanded scene, carrying out projects that combine art, the environment, and politics. She is interested in the languages of movements because they are ungraspable. Mobility as a possibility of de-hierarchization of links and an alteration of positions. She develops her practice from this focus as a collaborative and contextual force. Thus, each creative project arises from a research platform and emerges into the public sphere in various formats such as performances, installations, drifts, lectures, festivals, fairs, talks, and publications. She co-directs CENTRO RURAL DE ARTE and Jardines Subterráneos.