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Millena Lízia

(In Diaspora, Brazil, 1986) Researcher and artist. She is an existence in the world that sows and wishes to harvest, in the search for a path of dignity and health. She identifies herself as a researcher and a contemporary-ancestral-artist-after-the-year-2000 —another possible form of presentation, which aims to point out that her field of action is woven in between the continuities of life, in the relationships, displacements, confrontations, and escapes of the production of imaginaries. She has been collaborating for more than ten years with various conferences, productions, collective exhibitions, rodas, educational proposals and publications. Institutionally, she studied visual communication, film editing, and contemporary art; she also participated in the graduate program in Contemporary Studies of the Arts at the Universidade Federal Fluminense (Rio de Janeiro). She is one of the articulators of the research platform CIPEI - Permanent Circle of Independent Studies (Mexico-Brazil). She has proposed and developed the courses "Experiências Epidérmicas: movimentos para organizações de cadernos de artistas-pesquisadoras/es" and the study group "Composteiras: saberes regenerativos com Beatriz Nascimento" [Composteiras: Regenerative Knowledge with Beatriz Nascimento], together with researcher and artist Walla Capelobo, at the Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage.