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Heysell Leal

(Caracas, Venezuela, 1992) Dancer and choreographer. Heysell Leal began her dance studies at the age of eight years old at the School of Ballet and Music “Fredy Reyna”, obtaining her high school diploma in classical, contemporary and folkloric dance. Since then, she gained professional experience in the Compañía Nacional de Danza as well as at Neodanza, Espacio Alterno, Teresa Danza Contemporánea, Agente Libre, Fundación Nacional de Circo Nuevo Circo, Raíz Mestiza, among other independent companies in the city of Caracas. Furthermore, she is working on a solo project, titled ‘Como pienso me muevo: Pensamiento Dúctil’ an improvisation workshop that had editions at the Teatro Nacional, Taller de Danza de Caracas, Teresa Danza Contemporánea, ArteSono, and many more. Her current research interests are new ways of improvisation, development of the imaginary and how to relate NLP with dance. Leal describes herself as a creative performer, ‘performancista,’ and a simple point in movement, which is involved with research, study of the body and movement.