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María Galindo

(La Paz, Bolivia, 1964) Activist, militant of radical feminism, psychologist, and communicator. She is co-founder and leader of the collective Mujeres Creando, an anarcho-feminist group created in 1992 that carries out participatory, performative and protest actions in the Bolivian streets. She currently co-directs Radio Deseo, a radio station with reach in the cities of La Paz and El Alto. Among the issues she constantly works on are depatriarchalization in the context of the Bolivian constituent process and femicide as a state crime. Galindo is the author of the books Ninguna mujer nace para puta, Espejito Mágico, No se puede descolonizar sin despatriarcalizar, and films such as 13 años de rebelión, Amazonas, among others.