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Beatriz Coeffé Boitano

(Viña del Mar, Chile, 1990) Architect, editor and scholar. She holds a degree in Architecture (2014) and a diploma in Editorial Design (2016), both from the University of Chile. She holds an MA in Art and Cultural Management from King's College London (2018). She specializes in managing projects for the dissemination of architecture. Beatriz Coeffé Boitano was co-curator of the XXI Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism "Lo común y lo corriente" (2019). She is director of Local Ediciones, Grupo Arquitectura Caliente, and FOLIO: Public Collection of Architecture and City Fanzines. She is currently a scholar at the Department of Architecture of the University of Chile, where she develops the research "Genealogy(s). Reconstructing the sources of recent architecture in Chile" and "Enhancement of the VIEXPO Collection. Encuentro Internacional de la Vivienda 1972."