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Luisa Fernanda Giraldo Murillo

(Pensilvania, Caldas, Colombia, 1992) Rivergrapher. She has a degree in Advertisement from the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, a BA in Visual Arts from the Universidad Nacional, and a master’s degree in Theater and Living Arts from the Universidad Nacional in partnership with the Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes in Cali. She has been teaching Visual Arts at the University of Pamplona since 2019. Some of her most outstanding works include the gesture Altar vivo [Living Altar], which is part of MAMBO’s permanent collection; Desierto/Inundación [Desert/Flood], in collaboration with the research group HolosCiudade, presented at the International Image Festival in Manizales and at the Museu Nacional da República in Brasilia; Escucha de caracol [Snail Hearing], presented at the 7th Festival Pliegues y Despliegues [Folds and Unfolds Festival] of the Red de Artes Vivas in Bogotá; Primitiva afluencia [Primitive Affluence], presented at the IX Encuentro Internacional de las Artes Vivas in Cali. She also participated as a lab/workshop organizer in the 46th Salón Nacional de Artistas (Girardot) with Partituras de caléndula para el río Magdalena [Pot Marigold Music Sheets for the Magdalena River]; and was awarded in the 17th SRA (V) Eastern Region with the gesture En la laguna el agua hace de cuna [In the Lagoon, Water Is a Cradle].