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Ronald Duarte

(Barra Mansa, Brazil, 1963) Artist and curator. He holds a master's degree in Visual Languages (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro — EBA/UFRJ). Using urban intervention as an action strategy, his work proposes relationships of symbolic continuity with space. Making a visual and energetic urban mapping of the primary natural elements, he presents, on the one hand, the city of violence and death, and on the other, a sort of magical transmutation. Appropriating his Afro-Brazilian roots, he seeks new worlds of meaning and "other parallel powers" to redefine and alter the contours of everyday life and the spheres of political and social power. In the last 25 years, he has participated in exhibitions and cultural events around the world, among the most recent are: Metrópole Transcultural (Bela Maré, Rio de Janeiro, 2019 — curatorship and participation); Bambuzal (Galeria Artur Fidalgo, RJ, 2018 — solo exhibition); Nimbo//Oxalá (Space to Dream, Auckland Art Gallery, New Zealand, 2016); Ancestral (Festival de Arte de Acción de Cuenca, Ecuador, 2016). He has received awards such as: Prêmio da Secretaria de Cultura do Rio de Janeiro (2011), Iberê Camargo Fellowship (2008), Interferências Urbanas (2001, 2002), among others.