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Javier Vera Cubas

(Lima, Peru, 1981) Urban architect (FAUA-UNI) with a graduate degree in Anthropology and Architecture (University of Barcelona, 2022), Basic Habitability for Social Inclusion (FAUA-UNI / Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, 2014), and Social Urbanism (EAFIT University of Medellin, 2012). He specializes in participatory processes for urban regeneration, at a neighborhood scale, in public spaces. He has more than 15 years of experience leading the design and implementation of development programs and projects linked to public policies, international cooperation, and cultural management. Proyecto Fitekantropus (2007-2020) is one of his most notable projects in this scope. Vera Cubas was head researcher and coordinator of neighborhoods and citizenship of CONURB-PUCP (2020), and a professor at the Universidad Continental de Huancayo (2021). He was a member of the curatorial team and manager of Espacios Revelados Lima (2019-2022). He is an associate at Oficina Abierta and Espacio Residual (2018). He was founding partner and director of CCC (2016-2020) and CITIO (2008-2016), as well as a member of the coordinating team of the Urban95 Lima Program (2018-2019), and coordinator of the Public Spaces Recovery Service of the Barrio Mío Program in the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima (2011-2014). He is a consultant for various municipalities, ministries, and institutions such as MML, MINCUL, MINSA, MININTER, UNICEF, and IADB. He has developed artistic projects on several interdisciplinary platforms, and has devised and organized various events that link academia and the street.