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Arte a 360 Grados

(Tlaxcala, Mexico, 2008) Nahua community art collective. Reconfigured in 2019 as a Tequiocalco, Arte a 360 Grados is an organization that resides in Hueytlacuauac, Cuauhtotoatla, Tlaxcalla, bringing together professionals in the visual and plastic arts, music, biology, philosophy, multimedia and electronics; and professionals in the knowledge and ways of the altepetl-cuauhtotoatla culture. Its members include Emmanuel Tepal Calvario, Enrique Maraver, Maurilio Sánchez, Joel Martínez, the Romero family from San Nicolás, José Luis Romero, and Cuauhtlalopetzi Cuauhtotoatla. Currently, they are focused on reconfiguring and recovering the Nahua universe through the use of the Nahuatl language, from which they derive the notions of 'doing-thinking'—in tlamachtiliz in tlazaloaliz in to yuhcatiliz—'doing-knowing,' and 'doing-learning' of their culture, which allows them to question and face the current problems of their context. They are also dedicated to strengthening the creation of symbolic and physical spaces, such as the Tequiocalco, which will form houses of knowledge about medicine, cooking, language, movement, listening, speech, the voice of the wind, care, corn, and seeds; thus seeking to (re)live the altepetl-cuauhtotohuatlan.