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La Cabina de la Curiosidad

(Quito, Ecuador, 2019) Architecture collective. La Cabina de la Curiosidad was born from the idea of exploring thoughts, urban reflections, and solutions for the human habitat through architecture. Founded by Marie Combette and Daniel Moreno Flores, it relies on the principles of dreaming, rejoicing, sharing, optimizing, and learning. As a creative entity, they see themselves as a playful mind capable of realizing dreams. La Cabina de la Curiosidad is a room of wonders, an all-terrain traveling laboratory that encompasses art, crafts, architectural design, territorial awareness, landscape, environmental processes, teaching, construction, rehabilitation, and management. Their practices are based on the development of methodologies for approaching contextual knowledge as a starting point for design processes. La Cabina's trunk contains magic and creativity based on a concoction of experiences; ordinary assortments; investigations of essences; artifact design; mental formulas; short circuits of the everyday; coils of immersions; spools of gadgets; weavings of ideas, and a pinch of poetry.