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Varinia Canto Vila

(Santiago de Chile, 1976) Dancer, choreographer, and movement researcher. Her choreographic work explores medium-based themes such as the three-dimensionality aspect of the body on the stage, fragmentation as performative principle, and the materiality of attention. Canto Vila graduated as a dancer from Universidad de Chile (1993) and from PARTS (Brussels, 1999). She holds an MA in Art & Politics from the London Goldsmiths University (2017) and a post-graduate degree in a.pass - Advanced Performance And Scenography Studies (Brussels, 2017). Parallel to that, Canto Vila is developing an on-going research on the notion of extended choreography and organization of movement of the social body, and she is exploring the relationship between law and movement within educational contexts. In 2022, she created the solo dance piece MUNDOS [WORLDS] with support from the Centro de Extensión del Instituto Nacional, which investigates the notion of society fragmented through the lens of micropolitics. Canto Vila currently develops Maneras de Salir with the support of Nave and Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral, a choreographic piece that examines notions of distance and proximity, mapping and positioning of the dancers-performers in relationship with the others.