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Fiorella Faillace

(Cúcuta, Colombia, 1997) Artist graduated from the National University of Colombia (2020). In her work, social networks are proposed as a new instance of public space. From this position, she problematizes different spheres of personal and public life, raising critical and political questions. Fiorella’s work oscillates between issues related to local politics, as well as themes that are more personal. She addresses matters such as her identity and sensitivity as a woman and an individual performing in an era inextricably linked to the online presence, as well as the uncertainty of artistic work in the contemporary capitalist context. Her work uses humor, triviality, and memes as instruments for artistic exploration, leading to proposals that suggest a post-internet context that both transgresses and discomforts. In addition, Fiorella Faillace maintains an active commitment to research and academia, finding professional fulfillment in art writing and research. She has participated in creating curatorial texts for several virtual exhibitions in the United States, as well as in contemporary art blogs, and various other projects.