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José Miguel Imbaquingo Chimarro

(Buena Esperanza de Cangahua, Ecuador, 1988) Technologist specialized in photography and sound for cinema. He is currently part of the water leadership in his community. He has a degree in Cinema from the Universidad de las Artes. Miguel has been part of several collective and artistic processes in Ecuador. Until 2022, he was part of the Amazonian collective Tawna Cine. He has made several short films and documentaries, such as Piatúa Resiste, El Visitante, Muskuy, Voces, among others. His first feature film, Tsitsanu, is currently in the post-production stage. He has worked as a film and audiovisual facilitator in audiovisual communication and film projects with various communities and organizations in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico. His audiovisual work on social and artistic themes arises from the need for self-representation from the perspective of the native peoples and nationalities.