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Lisa Blackmore

Ever-flowing body of water. Lisa works at the intersections of creative practices and academic research, combining writing on the arts, ecology and history, with curatorial, audiovisual and editorial projects. Since 2018, she has been directing entre—ríos, a research and artistic platform that invents participatory and interdisciplinary methodologies, both online and in person, that connect knowledges and communities to bodies of water. She received her PhD in Latin American Cultural Studies from Birkbeck College in 2011 and is currently a Senior Lecturer in Art History and Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Essex, UK. Lisa is the author of Spectacular Modernity: Dictatorship, Space and Visuality in Venezuela 1948-1958 (2017) and co-editor of Natura: Environmental Aesthetics After Landscape (2018), and Liquid Ecologies in Latin American and Caribbean Art (2020), among other publications.