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Anny Ventura Puac

(Chuwila, Chichicastenango, Quiché, Guatemala, 1989) Ajquij, political scientist, and researcher. Current chief curator of Espacio/C. Anny Ventura is a Maya Kiche woman with a diverse identity; she is a healer and a timekeeper. She studied Political and Social Sciences, International Relations, and has a specialization in SDGs for Indigenous Nations. She is co-founder of Espacio/C, where she has worked as a cultural manager since 2013 and chief curator since 2023. In Guatemala, she has worked in various social, political, and cultural spaces as an independent consultant for NGOs, working with Mayan and non-Mayan girls, women and teenagers at the national level, on specific issues such as political empowerment, health (diabetes / HIV), and healing based on the Mayan cosmovision. Since 2015, Anny Ventura has taken on the position of ChuRo in the confraternity of the Cross, alternating every three years. In 2022 and 2023, she became ChuRox Aj Kam in the confraternity of the AjSargento, which is one of the most important positions in her community. In 2023, she was acknowledged as an outstanding woman for her political struggle in Guatemala by the Intercultural Center of Quetzaltenango. Presently, she represents Guatemala in the 2024 advisory group of the German foundation KAS in its Indigenous Political Participation program in Latin America.